“Kiss of Love”: Just another rebellion?

  • Posted on: 15 November 2014
  • By: Sumit Tiwari
Kiss of Love: Need of hour

“Mom, look!” says a 6-year old kid pointing to a couple kissing on the road while the police drag the couple into the van. This was not something a mom, driving her kid to school, wanted her kid to look at and be curious about. She, even being an educated working woman herself, was not sure if she should justify the couple or just ignore as the police involvement didn’t seem right.

This was the incident when a group of people demonstrating the “Kiss of Love” protest in Kerala. This protest, which started from Kerala, gradually caught eyes and support from various parts of India. Political parties opposed, but the courts declared it to be non-obscene to kiss in public.

This whole thing made me think, “Is this what India really wants now? Is this the need of the hour?” There are a lot of things, which I don’t understand and this protest seems to be one of them. Seeing the background, I understand ‘why’ this is needed, but I am unable to convince myself that this is ‘how’ it is needed.

You just go on the roads and start kissing each other; just imagine the mental chaos. Some will enjoy it like a movie, some will get disgusted, and some will start following the same. But then, even if this protest were successful, what would you achieve? The freedom to kiss in public? Is it worth involving the police, creating a nuisance, disturbing the traffic? I don’t think so. The way I see this, I feel that it’s just a rebellious kid being stubborn and crying to do something, which his father forbade him to; while crying was not the solution. If you raise your voice for something, you should see what the benefit will be, what the impact will be.

When my grandfather saw me for the first time with a goatee, he didn’t like it. I not looking good was not the problem. The problem was that he hadn’t seen many ‘Hindus’ having a goatee in the village. I convinced him that it has nothing to do with religion and it’s very common in the urban areas. Why? Why did I bother? Why didn’t I just grow a longer goatee to annoy him so that he understands that I have the right to groom myself however I want?

As adults, you should understand that changing the mindset of people takes time. You can’t force or brainwash a person to believe what you want him/her to believe. If there has been no love marriage in a family, the first love marriage will always be the most difficult one. Do the groundwork; understand how high your target is up the ladder.

The moral policing is bulls**t. Beating people in the name of culture is tyranny and should be dealt with, strictly. As you saw, the courts discarded the arrest requests. But increasing the level of “public display of affection” (as what it is called) that is accepted, will take time. The level is already increasing, my friend, and it will go on.

When you raise your voice in support of co-education, love marriages, right of freedom to choose your life partner, sex education and above all, raise your voice against dowry and honor killing. That can be called changing the mindset. These are the things, which will take you up the ladder, and one day your grandpa will even accompany you to the park where you are meeting your date.

pics taken from India Today and Huffington post.