Once upon a time in Childhood

  • Posted on: 4 October 2014
  • By: Vasu Irneni
Once Upon A Time

A recollection, a whole transformation from “hamara bajaj” to “definitely male” – Bajaj Pulsar.

For those who are now in late teens and early twenty's, this must be true for most of us:

  • Unlike our younger siblings, we know how to read and write our mother tongue.
  • The way to choose who played first was In-pin Safety pin.
  • We would run to the terrace as soon as we hear a helicopter/aeroplane engine chugging.
  • Veerappan - We know who he is and what he is.
  • We know what the Asian sky shop is.
  • If Pickles were not home-made they were 'PRIYA Pickles'.
  • The school principal was someone to be afraid of.
  • Like talking to a girl, but we feared the last bench shouts.
  • William Shakespeare ruled the English text books.
  • School bus was the longest way to reach the house.
  • History was always a mystery.
  • We knew how to make boats and airplanes with paper.
  • We started experimenting our signature, we hoped to use when we grew up.
  • We loved and feared the view atop the giant wheel.
  • The pink candy at exhibitions and fairs was the tastiest thing on earth.
  • A 5 story building could easily be the tallest edifice in our town.
  • April Fool was done by showing a lizard which wasnt there.
  • Cricket matches were held in sharjah also.
  • It was mandatory to be awake until midnight for newyear.
  • Sales of Babool gum and Boomer were due to the free tattoos that came along.
  • We played WWF and Bigfun cricket cards atleast once.
  • People came from nowhere and pulled our cheeks and asked if we remembered them.
  • The only way to drive away mosquitoes was “good-night” mats.
  • Titanic/Jurassic Park/Spider Man was the first English movie we saw.
  • Popcorns in theatres and éclairs in groceries were mandatory.
  • We definitely don’t know what a smiley means :P
  • Shahrukh khan movies were watched atleast twice.
  • If Amrish Puri is in a movie then he is the villain.
  • Tom and jerry Rocked. We imagined ourselves as popeye eating spinach and saving Olive Oil from Bluto.
  • We wished we had Alladin's genie and magic carpet kaleen.
  • Mowgli and his jungle was mandatory every sundays.
  • Unlike daily sops we had to wait one whole week to watch our favourite program.
  • Chitranjali is one program on DoorDarshan we didn’t miss.
  • A Sunday evening movie on DoorDarshan, gets our entire Family together.
  • We created a Yahoo Id to use the chat rooms.
  • If he has a Mobile Phone, he is rich.
  • Parents restricted us from Watching TV, since that gets our grades down.
  • Teacher was the only Guru unlike wiki/google/Internet.

Well ... this goes on .... :)

Inspired from a blog written by my senior Zahid.