The Story of Seven - NIT Durgapur Ragging Days

  • Posted on: 26 November 2014
  • By: Vasu Irneni
The story of seven

"You have to use your brain during your ragging period to get less ragged!" - said a senior during our funda-orientation day. And I did the same.

Looking at your shirt second button, wearing a helmet, fully formal clothes, waking up a senior early in the morning without touching him, Oval-pitch funda, numerous sessions. Even after all these you surely get slapped. Ragging days were surely fun during my first year at NIT Durgapur.


An incident from the book of "NITD Ragging Days".

The whole college was on mass-bunk and we (zone mates) couldn't go back home. I don’t remember exactly when this particular incident had happened, but we had no classes and we had to attend a lot of calls to please our seniors :P


I got a call from my great-grand father (a final year) and asked me to attend his call the next day. I went to his room in Hall-5 early in the morning, woke him up, brought him his break-fast, a bucket of hot-water for him to bath. Literally served him as if he were bedridden.

He gave me a task of arranging icons, folders and randomly downloaded stuff on his computer. He praised me for my “Awesome” work when I finished it and asked me to continue his call for the next day too. Initially, I was happy since he was one senior who doesn’t slap you, but gets his work done.

The same routine repeated for the next two days and I started to get bored. Meanwhile the technical fathers(second year) complained that I would skip their calls to attend Final-year's calls and were angry on me.

I had to think of a situation to get rid of this final year's call. While I was working on his computer, I saw his phone left in the room. In his absence I thought it would be a better idea if I delete my number from his phone and erased it. When the phone was in my hand, the senior showed at the door and shouted- "Saley, mera phone se kya kar rahe ho?" I was scared to death and didn't knew what to say. I just told him that it blinked and so was looking at it. He said forget about that since it blinks all the time. (The old Nokia phone saved me.)

Since he caught me with his phone in my hand, he surely will understand if he doesn't see my phone number. So, I re-entered my number into the phone, but I had to do something to escape his call.

NIT Durgpaur uring late 90's

(Old pics of NIT Durgapur)

My phone number ends with a double-7. So I deleted one 7 at the end and saved it. Thankfully, he didn't see it this time.

That evening he gave me a task of getting something from "Benachity". I brought them but couldn't give it to back to him since it was already late. I went back to Hall-9. Meanwhile a friend of mine came running to me and handed over his phone to me saying that the same senior is on the call and he was kinda angry over me.

I thought he might have figured out “the story of 7” on his phone and he would bang me the next day.

He questioned,

Why didn’t you come back to my room? I couldn’t since it was already late and I had to get back to the hostel.

Do you have the bill with you? Yes sir, I do.

Why is your phone saying not reachable? Now I understood that he still doesn’t know about the “story”, relaxed and said- it fell in the water and was not functioning properly.

He asked me to give the receipt to him the next day and go to Benachity to get my phone repaired.

Yeah, he couldn't figure it out. It was funny and saved myself from attending his call again. More importantly, from that day, till his graduation date- he didn’t call me again. :P