A true Desire

  • Posted on: 24 December 2014
  • By: Rawshan Zameer

The dew on the edge of the petal,
The mountains, oceans and the breeze,
These are all gifts the infants receive when they are born into this world,
And then some get a silver spoon and some just a touch of soot, the division ensues.

Oh Lord, you are Just, as just as one could be,
The sun, the moon, the winds, the rains,
All the gifts you have showered upon us,
They don’t look at someone’s desires and shimmer,
They don’t look at someone’s pride and glow.
They don’t look at someone’s beauty and blow,
And they don’t look on someone’s riches and fall,

Oh Lord the pen with which I write in your praise
It turns dry, and I have to stop and re fill its ink,
But your grace doesn’t stop, not even for a moment.
How can men become so self-engrossed,
That he forget the gifts you have provided us with,
How can men not see the justice you have set?
How can men be so drunk in his pride
That  forgets the one who had created him.

Oh God you have made us men unique
In all your creations, yet they fail to see.
You gave the angels the knowledge,
You have made them pure, that they follow
Only and only your command,
They have the intellect but they covet not.

You have made creature mindless who acts on its instincts.
The trees, the grass, the lion and the ass,
They are devoid of intelligence and learning
They follow their instincts and the greed they were
Born with till death and they learn not.

You have made the men unique in creation
With both the intelligence and the greed,
And the choice is with them to choose their rank.
The men falls below the ranks of the animals when their greed feeds their intelligence,
And they rise above the ranks of angels when their intelligence feeds their greed.

Men have desires within them,
Desires which not even the Solomon’s wealth satisfy,
Men always find desires after desires, it’s not their fault
It’s how they are made.
The ever curious minds of men continue to climb new heights
And feats, yet the mind covets more and more and is unsatisfied.

Oh Lord who can be more intelligent than you,
The one who created the heavens and the earth.
Oh Lord who can have more to offer other than you
The one who made the universe for us.
You made the heat, you made  gravity,
You made magnets repulse and attract,
You made electricity, and You made the time.
And in such a rare combination of all these and many more
You offered them to humanity that they find it all a miracle,
And yet they don’t find You.

Nothing in this world can be sufficient to
The desires of men, they will wander
About as they have been in the past
Until they have one desire left.
The desire to know You..

Inspired by Jalaluddin Muhammaad Rumi’s Poem.. 

Link to authors Website: rawshanzameer.com