The Story of Seven - NIT Durgapur Ragging Days

  • Posted on: 26 November 2014
  • By: Vasu Irneni
The story of seven

"You have to use your brain during your ragging period to get less ragged!" - said a senior during our funda-orientation day. And I did the same.

Looking at your shirt second button, wearing a helmet, fully formal clothes, waking up a senior early in the morning without touching him, Oval-pitch funda, numerous sessions. Even after all these you surely get slapped. Ragging days were surely fun during my first year at NIT Durgapur.


An incident from the book of "NITD Ragging Days".

Corporate Apple - Hungry? But you can't have it

  • Posted on: 24 November 2014
  • By: Readers Abode
Corporate Apple - Hungry? but you can't eat it

You have an apple in front of you. If you wish you can eat it. This is Life.

But it's not the same with corporate apple. There is a procedure that has to be followed.

You have an apple in front of you. Even if you wish, you can't eat it. You need to get an approval from your manager to confirm that the apple is plucked from the tree and can be eaten. Your Project Manager should assign you as a resource to the task of eating an apple.

6th Love

  • Posted on: 4 October 2014
  • By: Vasu Irneni
Sixth Love - A Father-Son Conversation

A Father-Son conversation ever told before..

It all started with a big bang at the door. A son comes home with an annoyed mood, walks into his room in an indignation, started abusing all women.

Son: These women never change! They are all bit**es, f**k them. All they do is to employ men, in the name of relationship, expend his wallet. They want men to fulfill their desires, once done, then its over, like a sl*t, they change their bf's.

Be patient for it might have been taken care of

  • Posted on: 25 June 2014
  • By: Arya Rao

I got a bus to catch at 7:00 pm. It's already 6:55 pm and i am still in the office. I have to travel from Pune to hyderabad. If I start immediately, I will reach the bus-terminal by 7:10pm. I am taking it for granted that the bus may get delayed atleast by 15 mins. Before that I have to go back to my flat, pack my bag and then start for the station. By any means I may not be able to reach the bus-terminal by 7:30Pm, and god knows if I will catch the bus.


A Sweet Defeat

  • Posted on: 15 June 2014
  • By: Ruchita Ram

This is when I was going back to college from home after a long stay. I went to the railway station for my train and since I reached there well before time (thanx to my dad and his nagging to always be on time), I had nothing to do but wait. I sent my driver back since there was little reason for him to stay back as there was still some two hours before the train would arrive. I was not going back anyway. After sending him back, I was all by myself.